Hand & Wrist Conditions

Kienböck / Preiser disease

What is Kienböck / Preiser disease?

The wrist joint is a complex structure that includes eight small carpal bones. Two of these bones are the scaphoid bone and the lunate bone.

In rare cases, blood supply to one of these bones is poor, causing the bone to weaken and collapse. In Kienböck disease the lunate bone is affected and in Preiser disease the scaphoid bone is affected.

In both cases, a chronic dull ache in the wrist is the most common symptom. In advanced cases pain and weakness increase, and range of motion decreases.

The diagnosis is made using X-rays and is confirmed with a MRI scan.

Treatment for Kienböck / Preiser disease

Treatment of Kienböck or Preiser disease strongly depends on the severity, the potential cause and the wishes and expectations of the patient. Options include vascularised bone grafting to the lunate or scaphoid bones or proximal row carpectomy.

A thorough consultation with a hand / wrist surgeon will provide you with the available treatment options.