Hand & Wrist Conditions

Mallet finger

What is mallet finger?

A Mallet Finger can occur by an unexpected knock on the end of a finger. This can cause the joint closest to the nail (DIP joint) to suddenly bend. This can cause the tendon on the back of the finger to tear of the end bone with or without a sliver of the bone. 

As a result, the DIP joint can not be actively straightened. Typically this can happen in contact or ball sports, but also during less involved activities such as household chores.

GRIP provides different specialist treatments for Mallet Finger, depending on the severity of the injury.

Treatment for mallet finger

A mallet finger can be successfully treated by wearing a splint on the end of the finger continuously for at least 6 weeks.

If a large piece of bone was torn off, an operation to pin the bones or an open fixation may be required.