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Dupuytren’s disease

What is Dupuytren’s disease?

Strong fibrous tissue in the palms of our hands give stability to the skin and the ability to grip and hold objects firmly. Dupuytren’s disease can cause this fibrous tissue to become lumpy or to form strong cords that bend one or more joints of the fingers towards the palm.

It often has a genetic background, can involve one to ten fingers and has an unpredictable course. It can progress quickly or stay stationary indefinitely.

Treatment of Dupuytren’s disease can be considered if the nodules become too bothersome or when the cords prevent the hand to be placed flat on a table surface (table top test).


Dr Paul van Minnen

Dr Nicholas Smith

Treatment for Dupuytren’s disease

Dr Paul van Minnen offers several treatment options for Dupuytren's disease to suit your needs and expectations.

Treatments options include day surgery (selective fasciectomy), or minimally invasive surgery (needle fasciotomy). The non-surgical option (Enzyme injections), is no longer available in Australia.

Dupuytren's disease podcast

Dr Paul van Minnen was a guest in a recent episode of the This Medical Life podcast.

The series was a finalist for Best Educational Podcast, Australian Podcast Awards 2022.

This episode is about Dupuytren's Disease.

To learn more about the history, presentation and treatment of Dupuytren's contractures, please follow the link, or find the episode in your prefered podcast app.

Click here to listen to the podcast, Dr van Minnen's interview starts at 17 minutes.